Frequently Asked Questions

Vehicle Questions

Vehicles that are 25 years old by the exact manufacture month/day/year. Example: If the car was manufactured January 30th in 1995, it would be federally legal to import January 30th 2020.

The R34 skyline earliest models manufactured started in May of 1998. They will be eligible for import starting in 2024.

All registration is done prior to sale procuring a clear Georgia title for each imported vehicle. Copies of all importation paperwork is provided upon request. Certain states may vary. Contact ATL-JDM for more information. The only vehicle exempt from this stipulation are the 5 specific Make and Model Keitrucks and Vans. (All necessary import documentation will be provided for the customer)

With ATL-JDM's 6-step custom import plan, we are able to find exactly what the customer is looking for, working strictly off of their desired budget. Our hands-on process provides pre-inspection videos and pictures, a thorough diagnosis post purchase, and constant video-picture updates leading up to shipping out of Japan. This gives our customers the feeling of importing their own car without the headache and hassle.

Shipping Questions

ATL-JDM uses RO-RO international shipping. Roll-on/roll-off ships are cargo ships designed to carry wheeled cargo such as cars, trucks, semi-trailer trucks, trailers, and railroad cars that are driven on and off the ship on their own wheels.

RO-RO shipping is calculated by the weight and size of the vehicle. ATL-JDM quotes all vehicles with shipping already included (no hidden fees).

RO-RO international shipping services only allows the shipping of cars that run and drive. ATL-JDM does not use shipping containers.

If a vehicle is shipped RO-RO, no loose parts or parcels are allowed to be shipped in the vehicles.

ATL-JDM ships our JDM imported vehicles to the port of Savannah located in Savannah, Georgia and the port of Jacksonville located in Jacksonville, Florida.

ATL-JDM personally retrieves the vehicles from the port. Most cars are towed some are driven back (depending on customer preference). They are then transported to our warehouse facility north of Atlanta, Georgia.

ATL-JDM is more than happy to assist with affordable nationwide shipping. For more information contact us. Our email: [email protected] Our phone: 678-372-5556

Viewing and Purchasing Questions

Please feel free to schedule an appointment for a viewing, we love showing off our facility and cool toys! We also want you to have the ability to view every part of the vehicle you plan on purchasing. Please call 678-372-5556 or email [email protected] for an appointment.

ATL-JDM offers an array of services to best suit our potential out of state customers. In-depth walk-around videos are provided via our youtube channel. Custom videos can be sent upon request. ATL-JDM also offers free airport pickup. We encourage you to fly down, inspect the car, and even drive it home. Youtube channel link: For custom videos, give us an email or phone call. Our email: [email protected] Our phone: 678-372-5556

Test drives must be scheduled by appointment and are only available to serious customers. Ride alongs are available by request. Test drives must be accompanied by an ATL-JDM sales representative and customers 18 and younger must be accompanied by a legal parent or guardian. All customers must bring a valid drivers license and proof of insurance.

Call or email for more information: Our email: [email protected] Our phone: 678-372-5556

All vehicles in route can be reserved with a 20% deposit. This is not a surcharge or fee, this is just applied to your final balance. For more information please reach out to our sales staff. Our email: [email protected] Our phone: 678-372-5556

We do accept trade ins but all vehicles must be appraised in person. For more information please reach out to our sales staff. Our email: [email protected] Our phone: 678-372-5556

ATL JDM has partnered with a few lenders who specialize in finance options for Classic and Antique vehicles. For more information please reach out to our sales staff or the finance page on our website. Our email: [email protected] Our phone: 678-372-5556

The advertised price has all importation fees and shipping included. No hidden fees apply.* *Please note Georgia residents only are required to pay TAX AD VALOREM (TAVT).