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Car enthusiasts come in all different ages. Most of us can remember the first time seeing The Fast and Furious actor, Paul Walker, and his bright Orange Toyota Supra. Or remember seeing him with the more Notorious Nissan Skyline R34 GTR nicknamed “Godzilla”, the unbeatable King of Track and Rally Motorsports. We all in different ways found a passion for cars. When it comes to classic Japanese Domestic Market vehicles, everyone in the United States had to patiently wait twenty five years before becoming federally legal to import. Now that Twenty five years have passed ATL JDM is now legally able to import and sell a plethora of vehicles that were never offered in the United States. With the help from our partners, who are stationed in Japan, we are able to source the highest quality JDM imports in the Southeast. From Vans, trucks, sports cars, to even a few utilitarian vehicles, we offer a wide variety. (Why drive a normal truck when you can import a Fire Truck?)


ATL JDM’s twenty plus years of experience, knowledge, and services, save you the headache and hassle of importing allowing you more time to enjoy the ride!


Some of our many JDM imports/JDM cars for sale lined up at a car show.


Here at ATL JDM, we do not operate like many importers in the United States who purchase vehicles sight unseen. We thoroughly inspect each vehicle before purchase and all vehicles are serviced before making their way to the United States. We have partnered up with a family owned Japanese Car Dealership who have over 85 years of experience. Having a team stationed in Japan allows us access to Japan’s very large dealer network and guarantees the highest quality JDM imports. Whether you are a car enthusiast, or a rural mail/postal carrier, we are happy to assist all of your needs. If we don’t have a specific JDM import you are looking for, we are able take custom orders. Check out our custom plan below.


Our Top Priorities:

-Minimal To No Rust

-Low Mileage

-Close to Factory/Stock


-Excellent Cosmetic Condition

-Excellent Mechanical Condition


ATL JDM services also handle the registration process, procuring a CLEAR GEORGIA TITLE making the vehicle 100% United States Street Legal. ATL JDM can even arrange for shipping straight to your doorstep in Nevada, or anywhere in the United States. Fly down and drive back with ATL JDM’s free airport pick-up and make it an adventure back home!


One of our happy customers standing in front of his new JDM import car, the Toyota Starlet.


Japanese Domestic Market refers to Japan’s home market. This means JDM refers to right hand drive vehicles that were produced strictly to cater to Japan’s strict registration and emission regulations. In the nineties when Japan’s economy was thriving, Japanese car manufacturers were introducing the market to a handful of unique and efficient vehicles. The quality of these vehicles and all their components shadow even newer models that we see today. Back then they built cars to last, now manufacturers build to sell. There were a good number of iconic right hand drive (RHD) models with options and trims that were not offered anywhere else but Japan, making them extremely desirable. With ATL JDM, we can bring these legendary JDM imports right to you in Nevada.


Some of Japan’s Most Legendary Makes and Models:

Nissan Skyline – Nissan Silvia – Nissan Pulsar – Nissan Sunny

Toyota Supra – Toyota Mark II – Toyota Celsior – Toyota Hilux

Toyota Celica GT4 – Toyota Landcruiser – Daihatsu Hijet – Daihatsu Mira

Mazda RX7 -Autozam AZ1 – Eunos Cosmo – Eunos Roadster

Suzuki Cappuccino – Suzuki Carry – Suzuki Jimny – Honda NSX

Honda Beat – Honda Integra – Honda Civic – Honda Acty – Mitsubishi GTO

Mitsubishi Delica – Mitsubishi Pajero – Subaru Impreza WRX – Subaru Sambar


All vehicles that come through ATL JDM comply with the 25 year rule for the legal importation of foreign vehicles. Being twenty five years old means these vehicles are now EXEMPT from any specific regulations per National Highway Traffic Safety Administration(NHSTA), Environmental Protection Agency(EPA), Federal Highway Traffic Safety Administration(FHTSA), and Department of Transportation (DOT). United States federal law strictly prohibits the import or sale of cars less that 25 years of age. Even with the restrictions above, ATL JDM is able to still source out twenty five year old vehicles with our standards of quality being top priority.


One of our many JDM imports we have sold, the Subura Sambar.

What if you're looking for something specific?

Contact ATL JDM today and let the number one importer in the Southeast turn your dream into a Reality!


Place a custom and personalized order with the number one JDM Importer in the Southeast. In six easy steps, we can source exactly what you are looking for using ATL JDM’s Custom Import Plan. We can easily source left hand drive (LHD), right hand drive (RHD), turbocharged, supercharged, automatic transmission, manual transmission, all wheel drive (AWD), four wheel drive (4WD), real wheel drive (RWD), and even special limited edition trim levels. We make the customer and all of their needs our top priority. Find out more about how this works by clicking the link below!

Custom Import Plan

These vehicles are currently available for inspection at our climate controlled warehouse in Cumming, Georgia. Contact us to schedule an appointement.

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These vehicles are currently in transit from Japan after being properly inspected and tested.

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We produce and upload full in-depth walkaround and driving videos of every car both in Japan and at our warehouse. This allows you to see every detail and angle of the vehicle.

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